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Access to a growing 2.22+ billion articles featuring 5.6+ billion people and 100+ million obituaries spanning over 400 years! In addition to this, you'll receive content created by users just like you. Hand picked clippings and extensive archives provide a useful tool for finding entertaining stories and information about events and people. Not only will you have access to this information, but you can take part in it as well! Simple tools enable you to easily make your own clippings, archives, obituaries, and more, giving you greater control over the content. All of this is fully searchable, savable, and printable.

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"I've had a terrific time going through old newspapers, reading about stories and events as they were happening; I've even found a quality article about my great grandfather I knew little about! Well worth the subscription!" - Dylan S.
Over 200,000 happy subscribers since 1999!

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